Learn more about our advanced mold removal through dry-fogging

Our mold remediation process delivers precise mold removal for any part of your home or office:


Dry Fog

Smaller droplets rebound from surfaces creating a vapor. The vapor, as well as the fumes, create an inescapable environment for mold and bacteria.

Wet Fog or Ozone

The larger droplets burst and create wet surfaces, like rain. The larger particle size also creates gaps in molecular coverage and leaves a residue.

Why Choose Demolition-Free Mold Removal?

Mold Types: Allergenic, Pathogenic, and Toxigenic

What makes us different

Our dry fogging technology is what makes us so unique apart from the competition. Getting rid of the mold in your home shouldn't take destroying it with hammers and axes. Dry fog will allow each and every mold cell to be completely destroyed. With our dry fogging technology, our micron particles are able to bounce around the walls and rooms of your home for several minutes before dissipating. Dry fogging does not allow any part of your home to get wet or damaged, aside from killing mold!


The first step that we use for dry fogging is called InstaPURE. InstaPURE finds mold spores within your home and completely destroys them. Additionally, it is a disinfectant that will now allow the air quality in your home to be completely clean and healthy. InstaPURE is used in hospitals, gyms, and daycares!


The second step is the application of EverPURE. EverPURE prevents new bacteria and viruses to further enter your home. EverPURE provides an EPA verified 90 days of protection once applied. EverPURE remains on every surface of your home protecting you frmo further bacteria or viruses to enter. 

Rescom Restoration is available for same-day and emergency services - we also offer repair services (if needed) to help evaluate and stop any moisture issues contributing to your mold problem. Our demolition-free dry fog system has two components; First, is a sterilant which dissolves the outer membrane of a mold spore on a molecular level. Second, is a microscopic layer of preventative molecules which attract mold spores when they re-enter the environment and kills them. This is a non-invasive, non-toxic, all-inclusive, cost-effective treatment that takes roughly 2 hours per 1,000 sq. ft of living spaceWe will make sure you are back in your home the same day.

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Destroy mold once and for all.

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